Frequently asked questions

What is Give TogeTHer?

Give TogeTher is an opportunity for those associated with Trinity Hall all over the world, to unite to make a lasting difference to the lives of our students.

During this 67 hour online fundraising challenge, from 17- 20 November 2020, we are aiming to raise as much as possible to support undergraduates and postgraduates facing financial difficulties.

We strive to provide the best possible education and pastoral care for our students. However, many of our students have been disadvantaged by the global health crisis. We hope the Trinity Hall community will join us at this time of our 670th anniversary, to provide the help our students need in these extraordinary circumstances.

What difference will my donation make?

Your gift today will enable students from all backgrounds to come to Trinity Hall and make the most of their time here irrespective of their financial circumstances.

All gifts, whatever size they may be, add up. Having a large number of donors encourages others to support us too. So whatever you can give you can be sure that your contribution is effective and greatly appreciated.

Why is Give TogeTHer different to any other day?

Gifts made to Give TogeTHer will go even further than usual. Thanks to an extremely generous individual, a certain amount raised will be matched pound for pound. Furthermore, several donors have provided challenge funds that will be unlocked once we achieve particular goals. Take a look at the ‘Challenges’ page on 17-20 November to see if your gift is eligible to unlock funds..

NB: For tax purposes, donors who participate in the giving challenges will be credited for their individual contribution only.

How can I make my gift?

We want to make it easy for you to participate in Give TogeTHer, and gifts can be given a variety of ways on the day:

Online: through our Hubbub Giving Day platform.

By phone: Call +44 (0)1223 766345

By post: Gifts must be received by the end of 20 November to count. They can be posted to The Development Office, Trinity Hall, Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TJ, cheques should be made out to Trinity Hall - Development.

Can I make a gift before Give TogeTHer?

Yes! We know that all donors’ schedules may not allow them to participate during the Giving Day itself. You can send your gift by post or make a gift online through the website in advance of Give TogeTHer. Please be sure to indicate that your gift should support “Give TogeTHer”.

How can I help spread the word?

Your support will make a huge difference to Trinity Hall and to the success of our first Giving Day. Post about Give TogeTHer with the hashtag #givetogether on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - and don’t forget to tag us! Make sure to tell your friends about this exciting day to get involved and make a difference.

Want to make an even bigger difference? Help spread the word about Give TogeTHer by becoming an ambassador.

What is an ambassador, and what am I committing to?

An ambassador is an individual who chooses to help support us in the lead up to the Giving Day and on the day itself, by acting as a ‘digital’ volunteer.

Don’t worry, if you sign up to be an ambassador for us there is no minimum requirement. All that we ask is that you help us to spread the word about Give TogeTHer by sharing the page on social media and posting the occasional updates that we send out throughout the day. As much as we try to tell all of our members about the amazing work that’s going on, it’s not always easy to reach everyone. By asking our members to help us, we can reach many more people.

Is my credit card payment secure?

Yes, we’re using a secure, off-site payment processor called Stripe to process our credit card transactions.

Is there a minimum or maximum donation I can make?

The minimum online gift amount is £1. There’s no maximum donation, and no limit on the impact you can make.

Can I claim Gift Aid on this donation?

Yes! So long as you have paid as much Income Tax and/or Capital Gains tax as the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all of your donations in that tax year, the College can reclaim the basic tax rate (25%) on your gift, with no extra cost to you. So your donation of £100 will actually be worth £125.

Will my Give TogeTHer contribution be tax-deductible?

UK: If you’re in the UK and eligible for Gift Aid, Trinity Hall can claim 25% back in tax from your donation. If you’re a Higher Rate Tax Payer (40% and above), you can claim tax back on your charitable donations at the end of the tax year.

USA: Gifts given via Cambridge in America are tax efficient. We can also provide a receipt from the University for tax payers in Canada.

Why am I receiving emails from

We've partnered with digital fundraising experts, Hubbub, to help us run our giving day. When you make a donation through the hubbub website or sign up as an ambassador, you'll receive an email from In the lead up to and throughout Give TogeTHer, you'll also receive update emails from this address. You can view our data protection policy here

How can I get in touch?

Please feel free to email any questions to the Development Office at or call us on +44 (0)1223 766345.